Book Review: THE CRIMSON DEATHBRINGER, by Sean Robins


Crimson Deathbringer,
by Sean Robins

Rated five stars out of five by reviewer Iris Chacon. #BooksGoSocial  #CrimsonDeathbringer I purchased this ebook, and this is my honest review.

The year is 2047, and Jim Harrison, famous fighter pilot, has written a best-selling memoir of his exploits in the war for a United Earth.

Now, an evil dictator has taken over the U.E. government, and Jim’s former war buddies are part of the Resistance, trying to restore democracy to the world.

Jim and his warrior friends, Kurt and Allen, don’t yet know they (and Jim’s girlfriend, Liz) are about to be conscripted into a third conflict they don’t even know about: Earth is about to be invaded by the Xortaags.

The Xortaags, whose home
planet is dying, have conquered and colonized around a hundred planets, and
Earth is their next target. Their fleet of deadly fighter craft are led…

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