Book review: Sean Robins – The Crimson Deathbringer (@seanrobins300)

K.J's Athenaeum

Jim Henderson had thought having the leader of the resistance bleeding to death on his reviewsofa, was bad news. It was an act that carried with it a death penalty, but he soon finds there is more to worry about than the wrath of a petty man who controls the world. An invasion is coming to Earth, an army with one agenda, capture the planet, remove its inhabitants, and re-populate it with their own kind. Luckily, there was a warning, a chance to set up a new resistance, one which would fight for the very future of the planet. But with such impossible odds, can they hope to achieve what no other race had?

The Crimson Deathbringer is a gripping science fiction by author Sean Robins. Wow you’re in for a treat, this has all the intensity of Star Wars, Firefly, and Star Trek rolled into one with the occasional…

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