Book review: Sean Robins – The Golden Viper (@seanrobins300)

K.J's Athenaeum

The war was over, with Maada’s death Jim’s notoriety and word of his heroism raced reviewacross the universe faster than a Space-folding device equipped vessel. They called him kingslayer, because he had done the impossible. But with Maada’s resurrection, it seemed he would be called upon once more. Kanoor fell quickly, placing devastatingly powerful advanced technology into the hands of the Xortaags. Jim, Kirt, and the crew must once again face impossible odds for the sake of all life. Last time the war cost more than could ever be reconciled, and this time decisions will have to be made that will leave a bitter taste. Will the cost of stopping the Xortaags be worth the sacrifice? Assuming, that is, they can pull a victory from the ashes once more.

The Golden Viper is the second book in Sean Robins’ Crimson Deathbringer trilogy. Having read the first book I couldn’t wait to…

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