Book review: Sean Robins – The Golden Viper (@seanrobins300)

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The war was over, with Maada’s death Jim’s notoriety and word of his heroism raced reviewacross the universe faster than a Space-folding device equipped vessel. They called him kingslayer, because he had done the impossible. But with Maada’s resurrection, it seemed he would be called upon once more. Kanoor fell quickly, placing devastatingly powerful advanced technology into the hands of the Xortaags. Jim, Kirt, and the crew must once again face impossible odds for the sake of all life. Last time the war cost more than could ever be reconciled, and this time decisions will have to be made that will leave a bitter taste. Will the cost of stopping the Xortaags be worth the sacrifice? Assuming, that is, they can pull a victory from the ashes once more.

The Golden Viper is the second book in Sean Robins’ Crimson Deathbringer trilogy. Having read the first book I couldn’t wait to…

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Review / Pre-order release of The Golden Viper (The Crimson Deathbringer Trilogy Book 2) by Sean Robins


The Golden Viper (The Crimson Deathbringer Trilogy Book 2) by [Robins, Sean]

Following my enthusiastic review of Book One in the series  (The Crimson Death Bringer)
here are my announcement of Book 2 going on pre-sale and my pre-release review – thanks to the author’s preview copy.

You will all know that I rarely dive into science fiction reading but I saw the author’s quirky tweets and got into the series that way.

THE GOLDEN VIPER is a bit more serious than the first and the novel gets you more of the sci-fi action with more focus on the actual science fictions story, the fighting scenes, the different species and other fantasy elements.

A surprise attack of unexpected dimensions forces our heroes to think quickly on their feet and come up with solutions how to fight off the invaders. All the more disturbing is the re-appearance of a character previously thought dead. From there the action never lets up and keeps…

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The Golden Viper – The Crimson Deathbringer Trilogy – Book Two by Sean Robbins

Jennie Reads

Golden ViperA brief four months have passed since the ending of Book One.  This book was a nice segway into an all-encompassing battle.  The characters have remained intriguing and snarky.

Keeping with the Space Opera feel the author still led us into an environment with a lot more variety in creatures, some who are not that nice. There are a few surprises and twists that help keep the reader trying to figure out what is going to happen next.

There was a slight lull in the story and some of the pranks seemed a little forced.  However, that may have been me as a reader or the author moving us along to what I hope will be an epic Book Three.  Even so, I enjoy the characters and conversations and eagerly look forward to Book 3.


The sequel to The Crimson Deathbringer, an Amazon best-selling sci-fi novel with more…

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Book review: Sean Robins – The Crimson Deathbringer (@seanrobins300)

K.J's Athenaeum

Jim Henderson had thought having the leader of the resistance bleeding to death on his reviewsofa, was bad news. It was an act that carried with it a death penalty, but he soon finds there is more to worry about than the wrath of a petty man who controls the world. An invasion is coming to Earth, an army with one agenda, capture the planet, remove its inhabitants, and re-populate it with their own kind. Luckily, there was a warning, a chance to set up a new resistance, one which would fight for the very future of the planet. But with such impossible odds, can they hope to achieve what no other race had?

The Crimson Deathbringer is a gripping science fiction by author Sean Robins. Wow you’re in for a treat, this has all the intensity of Star Wars, Firefly, and Star Trek rolled into one with the occasional…

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Book Review: THE CRIMSON DEATHBRINGER, by Sean Robins


Crimson Deathbringer,
by Sean Robins

Rated five stars out of five by reviewer Iris Chacon. #BooksGoSocial  #CrimsonDeathbringer I purchased this ebook, and this is my honest review.

The year is 2047, and Jim Harrison, famous fighter pilot, has written a best-selling memoir of his exploits in the war for a United Earth.

Now, an evil dictator has taken over the U.E. government, and Jim’s former war buddies are part of the Resistance, trying to restore democracy to the world.

Jim and his warrior friends, Kurt and Allen, don’t yet know they (and Jim’s girlfriend, Liz) are about to be conscripted into a third conflict they don’t even know about: Earth is about to be invaded by the Xortaags.

The Xortaags, whose home
planet is dying, have conquered and colonized around a hundred planets, and
Earth is their next target. Their fleet of deadly fighter craft are led…

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My Interview with one of Amazon’s #1 Hot New Authors Sean Robins

Guy Lozier

“Who am I? I am Spiderman.”

Well, not really, but this should tell you all you need to know about me and my writing style.

I’m a huge Marvel (plus Game of Thrones, Star Trek AND Star Wars) fan, which shows since my novel is loaded with pop culture references. If you are a sci-fi fan (I assume that you are, otherwise what are you doing here?) you will enjoy them tremendously. I even went full Deadpool in my first draft and broke the fourth wall multiple times, until my editor told it was distracting and kept taking her out of the moment. Shame. Those fourth-wall breaks were hilarious. Still, I can guarantee a few laugh-out-loud moments. Case in point: The “good” aliens in my novel are a race of pranksters, whose main goal in life is pulling other people’s legs (They have four legs, hence the slight change in…

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